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B7.1 (6) Jane Ray (Jeanette Glass Co.) Fire King Jade Ite 9″ Plates – ca. 1951-60



Item # 11- Ladybug Love III- spa

Item # 11- Ladybug Love III- spa

Spa day for the little Ladybug lover…. say that fast three times. Nail brush, wash mitt, soap topper, hand sanitizer, and small tote.


Item # 10 Ladybug Love Part II

Item # 10 Ladybug Love Part II

Ladybug basket, frame, soft book, container, and stuffed animal. $25 – no minimum bid


Item # 8 Multi-medium Art by Jacob

Item # 8 Multi-medium Art by Jacob

So much packed into two fairly small canvases. $500. Minimum bid $75


Item # 6 Charles Groven Photograph- 40 Acre Rock

Charles Groven Photograph- 40 Acre Rock

Beautiful photograph of 40 Acre Rock with faint double exposure of scattering fall leaves. $100. $25 minimum bid.


Item # 5 Bright Bows and Flowers Wreath

Item # 5 Bright Bows and Flowers Wreath

Beautiful Wreath from the Petal Shoppe. Thank You!!! $ 75 value. No minimum bid


Hello world!

We have been so blessed by the generosity of our friends. They have given so much more than we hoped- sacrificial gifts of time, money, prayer, and encouragement. We are much farther ahead than we expected- airline tickets have been purchased and our in China travel expense is almost covered. However, the adoption related fees which include orphanage fee, government fees both US and China, and document processing fees, etc., are not covered yet. This amount totals around $8,000. In addition, we have to buy meals and pay the drivers and guides. So we have some work to do in the next four weeks. I am trusting the Lord will be faithfully answer our passionate prayers to bring this precious child home.

The auction will start tomorrow at 9 am: vintage items are on Everything But the Kitchen Sink. Incredible gratitude to my brother for all the work he has done administrating this site- unpacking items, cleaning, researching, taking pictures, and posting them. I don’t know what I would have done with him.

This site will have all other items. To bid- in the comment section under the item you want to bid on, just post your bid amount. Most things will have a modest or suggested minimum bid. Thank you again.

We can’t wait to finally see you

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